Semuliki Valley National Park is a protected area located in western Uganda, within the Albertine Rift Valley region. It was established in 1993 and covers an area of approximately 220 square kilometers (85 square miles). The park is part of the larger Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, which is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The national park is characterized by a diverse and unique ecosystem, making it a valuable conservation area and an important destination for ecotourism. It is situated at the junction of the East African savannah and the Central African rainforest, resulting in a mix of both types of vegetation.


For visitors, the park offers activities such as nature walks, game drives, birdwatching, chimpanzee tracking, and visits to the hot springs. It is a less frequented destination compared to some of Uganda’s other popular parks, providing a more remote and authentic safari experience.

As with any national park, it is essential for visitors to follow the guidelines and rules set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to ensure the protection of the environment and the safety of both wildlife and humans.

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