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About Palemo Tours and Travel

With over 5 years of experience in the travel industry, Our carefully chosen team, partners and service providers will satisfy even the most seasoned traveler or the most demanding business-man. We offer high quality service with a personal touch , Palemo Tours and Travel introduces world class assistance to all your travel needs, whether for work, leisure, honeymoons or even a new inspirational adventure for individuals and groups!

Our Services

Palemo Tours and Travel Namugongo, Uganda prides itself based on the excellence of its standards in the provision of ticketing services to all destinations, hotel reservations across the world, outbound and Inbound tours, Car Hire services , Visa Handling service, Travel insurance to provide you with peace of mind when travelling and MICE at your comfort. Palemo Tours and Travel’s accredited staff are devoted to work diligently to ensure that personalized service is provided with the utmost professional courtesy.

Air Ticketing

Convenient booking for domestic and international flights with competitive fares and exceptional customer service.

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind during travel, protecting against unforeseen events and medical emergencies.

Hotel Reservations

Hassle-free booking services for top-tier hotels worldwide, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Car Hire

Reliable and flexible car rental options with a wide selection of vehicles for seamless travel experiences.

Visa Assistance

Expert support and guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring smooth travel.

Uganda Passport Processing Assistance

We help you to process your Uganda passport

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